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When a water-based (hydronic) heating system is installed and working correctly it should heat your home without you even knowing it’s there.Noise in a system is a sign that something is not right.Description: Rattling noise in the circulator pump Possible Cause: Misaligned motor, debris in motor Circulators should operate quietly, so if they make a noise, they need to be checked.Rattling could be a sign of a misaligned motor or shaft or caused by a piece of debris caught on the impeller blades.

In almost all cases, it’s best to call an Xylem RCW dealer, distributor, or installer to help diagnose and address the problem.To help you ask the right questions, here are some common sources of noise in a hydronic heating system, along with possible reasons and suggested solutions.Description: Rushing, whistling, gurgling, or rattling noise in the pipes Possible Cause: Entrained air in the pipes As water heats up, dissolved air becomes separated and bubbles swoosh around the system, causing noise, loss of efficiency, and premature failure of components.He suggests either installing a stainless-steel chimney liner when replacing the boiler or opting for a boiler that doesn't require a chimney-based exhaust.Supply and return pipes, also may need replacing, Holohan says.

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