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This demo has been developed using the express framework for Node.js, but express is not a requirement for Kurento. In order to communicate the Java Script client and the Node application server a Web Socket is used.

The incoming messages to this Web Socket (variable .

Note You can use whatever Java server side technology you prefer to build web applications with Kurento. This method implements the actions for requests, returning responses through the Web Socket.Note These instructions work only if Kurento Media Server is up and running in the same machine as the tutorial.However, it is possible to connect to a remote KMS in other machine, simply adding the argument The interface of the application (an HTML web page) is composed by two HTML5 video tags: one for the local stream and other for the remote peer stream).This means that KMS is providing a B2B (back-to-back) call service.To implement this behavior create a connection between the Kurento client and server.

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